Miti Biosystems


Codon randomization of RiPP scaffolds generate a large library of chemically diverse structures. In the example shown above, a theoretical population of >25 billion tricyclic peptides can be generated.The Company is focussing on utilising the tried and tested power of phage display to generate and screen its libraries of constrained peptides. Expression of the precursor peptide fused to the M13 phage protein PIII and incubation with the RiPP modifying PTM enzymes leads to a fully mature RiPP presented on the surface of the M13 phage. Subsequent selection rounds (phage panning) will identify structural variants which have strong affinity to a target of interest. Due to the physical connection of the presented RiPP variant and the precursor gene, the sequence of the variant of interest is accomplished by DNA sequencing of the selected phage genomes.

Sceening the chemical space