Miti Biosystems


Miti's RiPP Platform technology utilizes cyclic peptide scaffolds which belong to the group of so called RiPPs (ribosomally-synthesized and post-translationally-modified peptides). Members of this group of natural products are characterized by extensive post-translational modifications. They are initially synthesized as longer precursor peptides which in most of the cases contain a N-terminal leader peptide and a C-terminal core domain. The leader peptide is involved in the recognition and interact with specialized enzymes that catalyze the modifications affecting the core peptide. After modificition of the core peptide, proteolysis liberates the core from its leader portion and results in the mature RiPP which can be further modified. Typically the modification of the core sequence is achieved through linking amino acid side chains through ester and amide bonds. Miti has a core expertise in the post-translational modifying (PTM) enzymes which are required to generate RiPPs.

Scheme of RiPP biosynthesis