Miti Biosystems

Vienna, Austria

Miti Biosystems is a biotech company pursuing a unique approach for the discovery of highly constrained peptides for the development of pharmaceutical agents. The company has licensed IP initially developed by the scientific founder Dr. Guntram Christiansen at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. We apply non-biased randomization techniques using biologically evolved cyclic peptide scaffolds as a starting point. Through our randomization we are able to generate cyclic peptide libraries containing  randomization at every desired position. Peptide scaffolds that have been selected through millions of years during evolution are intrinsically optimized for metabolic stability and target recognition and represent an advantageous starting point for randomization techniques. To enable the isolation of promising structures display techniques are used to facilitate library screening.

The company was founded in summer 2014 and is currently supported by €1m non-dilutive financing from AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice).