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Ribosomally-synthesized and post-translationally-modified peptides (RiPPs) encompass a structurally diverse group of secondary metabolites. They have been isolated from bacteria (Lantibiotics), cyanobacteria (Microviridins), fungi (Amatoxins), plants (Cyclotides) and animals (Conotoxins) and the discovery of new RiPP families is still continuing and will most likely increase in the future due to improved high through-put methods. RiPPs contain some of the most potent toxins which have been described to date (conotoxins). These extraordinarily bioactivities are a reflection of millions of years of biological selection of these scaffolds. This makes them a prime target for randomization in order to realize their chemical space. We are developing the RiPP platform technology to tap the nearly unlimited structural diversity of these randomized RiPP scaffolds for drug discovery.

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